PPLs® ImmuBless Spray FAQ

Why is the nozzle separate from the bottle?

Taiwan regulations are very strict with plasticizers. For example, if the nozzles are placed on the bottle for a long time, there may be doubts about plasticizers. In order to get rid of worrying about plasticizers, the packaging will be separated. When other brand products do not separate the nozzle or the dropper from the bottle, it is necessary to prevent the plasticizer from remaining in the product.

Why feel tight when press the nozzle?

Since the concentration of the propolis product is pure, if the pressure is not smooth, the nozzle should be blocked. You can wipe it with a toilet paper or soak the hot water to restore the original function.

How many times can the PPLs® ImmuBless Spray be used?

It can be pressed about 60 times, and if it is used twice a day, it can be used about 4 weeks.

Directions of Use

《PPLs® ImmuBless Spray》

  • ● Shake well before use. If necessary, directly aim at the affected part and press the nozzle.
    ● Please use it as soon as possible after unpacking.
    ● Please keep it in a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight.





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